Build Mobile App

Build Mobile App

Mobility is a new fully-fledged channel with its own rules, its uses and its challenges. Brome does software development on several platforms in order to reach a maximum of users and thus achieve a high penetration rate. Our software applications can be linked to your own information systems and interact in real time with your data.


Our strategy is based on the principle of a single development and a multiple deployment (develop once, deploy all) we develop for multi-platform (iOS, Android & Windows Phone) this allows us to reach as many users as possible and thus achieving a high penetration rate. This reduces your costs and accelerate your return on investment.

Simple customer experience

Our logic is based on the simplification of interfaces to provide a customer experience on the mobile as pleasant as possible despite the complexity of the functionalities; The interaction design / user experience creates intimate links with the user. We create rich designs while respecting user needs and habits.

Autonomy with back office

Whether you’re a merchant with a mobile sales app, or a bank with a complex information system, or even an information newspaper, you need to access your orders, customer accounts, news, complaints, customer usage … this Is available through a back-office application that will allow you to easily manage the mobile application pool at your end customer. Inform and touch the user at any time with our PUSH notification system.


Qrcode and barcode

Use this simple identifier for the user to recognize your products, a shipment or a website.

Geolocation and tracking

mapping and location system of points of interest or of users with possibility of itineraries optimization

Social Network

integration and interaction with social networks to give your customer a 360 ° service

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