Companies are experiencing the advances of digital technologies on a daily basis and are trying to maximize the benefits of promoting their products and services. Nevertheless, this exploitation is generally operational and ineffective without a clear and predefined strategy and guideline.

Companies need to effectively coordinate their various actions on the web and mobile by adopting a clear digital strategy. The development of such a strategy requires first the creation of a common reference frame for the various actions that are aligned with the overall strategy of the company.

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Brome will assist you in your digital transformation projects through the definition and deployment of a digital strategy adapted to your means and objectives

Designing a digital strategy

A digital strategy is not limited to actions carried out on the Internet. It is the native integration of new information and communication technologies into the company’s strategy with the identification of the axes of presence and actions. One way to approach it is to assess the potential impact of the Internet on the business model of the company and the way managers govern, to define the right level of objectives, leadership, and organization related to the different cases. We assist our clients in the process of thinking and defining a multichannel digital strategy and cross-channel in line with the objectives of the company.

Translating digital strategy into action plan

The transformation of the digital strategy into an action plan must be done in steps to reflect the relative digital position in the overall means strategy : Defining the new customer’s paths by associating the different objectives of the brand to them is a method that Makes it possible to organize all the contents and actions and to prioritize them, specifically the digital action plan.

At BROME, we have the skills to lay out your strategic action plan.

Driving and measuring your digital action plan

Strategic objectives and criteria for success and failure need to be defined to define the right indicators, while distinguishing between objective indicators and tactical indicators of “path”. The right pace of piloting will follow retroactively. Our digital team will provide all the necessary indicators to follow the digital plan and its execution.